★★★★★ ‘Wonder Woman’ Review (Pt. 1): The Hopeful Future of Hollywood

After so many years of superhero saturation (with no foreseeable end in sight), Wonder Woman proves that the genre has not yet been exhausted. The film is not only a triumph for moviegoers, but a victory for the industry.

My first thought while walking out of the theater was: “what took so long?!” Seriously, how has it taken so many years and so many billions of dollars spent elsewhere before someone was willing to green-light this movie? Sadly, Hollywood is a frustratingly difficult and stubborn industry, and it’s not hard to see how even the mere idea of Wonder Woman on the big screen would turn executives and companies away. Kudos to Warner Bros. for making this movie happen, even if it did take forever.

The logic in Hollywood for decades has been, “women don’t sell tickets,” and “women don’t buy tickets.” It’s not much of a secret when you just take a look at some of the highest-grossing films in recent years. Just take a guess at the intended audiences of these films. Hollywood must not think woman can make movies either, considering only 7% of directors for last year’s top 250 movies were women.

Enter Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot has proved that she can be a first-rate star. The opening weekend audience was 52% female in a genre where 60% male audiences are the norm. And the real wonder woman of this film? Patty Jenkins. In her first feature since 2003, Jenkins breathes much-needed life into the DC Universe with confident and inspired directing. My greatest hope is that this movie provides compelling evidence for Hollywood that in fact, women can sell tickets. And they’ll buy them too. And will somebody please put women behind the camera?

Patty Jenkins directing Gal Gadot and Chris Pine.

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