Meeting Cool People Pt. 1: Sam Friedlander

One of the great perks of being in LA is that I get a chance to meet lots of people working in the industry. Vanderbilt does a great job with alumni connections (who would’ve guessed?) and all throughout the summer I get chances to connect with alum who have established careers in Hollywood. This week, I got to meet Sam Friedlander, a writer/director with about a decade’s worth of credits and work. He’s maybe most well-known for this viral video:

The video picked up so much traffic that he was featured in an article on Sam offered this piece of advice to anyone wanting to carve out a career in Hollywood: “Always keep making shit.” It doesn’t matter if you make something over a weekend just for your friends. It doesn’t matter if it’s not exactly the kind of work you intent to be doing. You’ll never know what doors may open and who may see your work.

So in that spirit, I want to complete my first major project, a 20 min. or so narrative short, by the time I graduate. I have no idea how I’m going to get the money, equipment, and talent to make it work, but I believe things always have a way of working out.

For now, I’m giving myself the rest of the summer to create a working screenplay so please feel free to bother me about it and make sure I’m writing. I want to tell a story that Hollywood refuses to tell. I was actually inspired by another director that I met, who will be the second subject in this meeting cool people series.


Author: tonyxiaofilmblog

Just a college student trying to figure out what to do in life. I decided to major in film so let's see where that takes me...

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